I Hate the F Word!

I Hate the F Word!

by Nicole Buratti, LCCE, HCBE, CLD, CCBE, RPYT, eRYT

I don’t think the F word belongs in birth and it certainly shouldn’t be used to refer to a woman’s body, especially by medical professionals!  The F word I’m referring to is FAIL!

I was chatting with a new client the other day over tea, discussing the current Cesarean rate in NJ (38.8%). She was pondering over whether or not she should change care providers because so she is seeing so many red flags with her current OB.  I asked if she had discussed her birthing options and preferences with her OB.  Her OB told her she will have to do a Cesarean if sfail1he “fails birth.”


How does one “FAIL BIRTH?” Come on…. we were designed to do this!  We have been birthing babies for centuries. It’s the reason a woman’s pelvis is shaped differently than that of a man’s.

Failure-to-Progress (FTP) is in the top 3 reasons for “emergency c-sections.” Failure… I shake my head every time and want to ask the universe, How could a cervix fail or be incompetent?  Did you know that the average first time-mother’s labor can be 24 hours long? Perhaps this so-called Failure-to-Progress is actually “Fear-Tension-Pain (FTP)”.  See where I’m going with this?

It makes sense when you think about it: there are so many reasons for a cervix to be fearful. No cervix likes to be poked and prodded for dilation every 2 hours or so. Cervixes are very sensitive and can get uncomfortable with an audience of strangers, bright lights and monitors.

I have news… Women don’t fail at birth! Our bodies don’t fail at birth! And, mothers don’t fail at breastfeeding!

What if we turned the tables and said, “Care providers and facilities FAIL at giving womena chance?” Why the clock? Why all the rules? Leave birth alone, change the way we speak to women, let mother and baby bond and I can guarantee there will be less failure in the world!

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