How to Write Your Own Affirmations

How to Write Your Own Affirmations


By Lauren F. Grogan of Center Your Health

I’m a huge believer of what the mind believes the body achieves. Years ago, during my first trip to India, I was given an affirmation by a sweet Indian man that was assisting me with my health at the time. He wrote it down on a piece of paper (that is now cherished, framed and displayed in a place where I can see it each day), and told me to recite it each day. He said that when I read the words (either silently or aloud), believe them wholeheartedly. I returned home and did exactly that…and the words slowly transformed me for the better.

I was thrilled and amazed at the power of this simple yet powerful affirmation!

As time went on and things changed, I needed other affirming words to have the same effect on me. I began creating my own affirmations. Since then, I sit down and draft new affirmations for wherever I am in my life anywhere from 2-3 times per year. Whatever I’m struggling with at the time, I pause and honestly ask myself what I want to have or experience and design the affirmations around that.

You do not need to be an expert about writing your own affirmations. Relax, tune into yourself and allow them to come to you. Below are a few tips to get started.

How to Create Your Own Affirmation(s):  How to Create Your Affirmations

• Devote a few moments to yourself where you can break from your day and really think about what’s going on in your life. If it’s helpful to you, journal for a bit to start get your thoughts flowing, or spend a few minutes in meditation. Honestly ask yourself what you want to have or experience at this point in your life.

• Use your words carefully, each one of them has so much meaning. For example, begin your affirmations with phrases like “I am” or “I know” instead of “I will” or “I want” to affirm the feeling of already having what you desire.

• Always keep them positive. This is a must! For example, rather than writing, “I do not eat junk food”, a better choice would be “I nourish my body with healthy foods”.

• Write them as if you were experiencing what you desire right NOW. If it helps, close your eyes and visualize yourself where you want to be. Notice how it feels this very moment and design those affirming words to fit exactly that! Do not make any reference to dates or times.

• Use your own words; trust yourself and whatever is coming to you (without judgment). The best affirmations are those that are written with passion and feeling from YOU. This will help to make your affirmation effective and easier to connect with.

• I find it helpful to draft a few affirmations of whatever comes to my mind and then go back to touch them up. But I try not to get hung up on making them perfect because this should not be a stressful process.

The best part is – there are NO rules! You should write your own unique affirmations with confidence and enjoyment. Maybe just one line is all you need right now, maybe you need up to 5. Either way, see what feels best right now.

• Place your affirmation in a place where you can see it or take it out to view and recite each and every day. It may be helpful to do it in the morning before you start your day, or sometime during your day as a short break, or even after a long day right before you go to sleep. Again, whatever resonates with you and will get you to recite it – make it work for you!

Lauren F. Grogan, helps people to “center their health” by eating nourishing foods, incorporating yoga & healthy habits into their daily life all while practicing self-care – a crucial role in improving health and happiness to help transform the world one very special person at a time. For more information, visit or follow Center Your Health on Instagram/Facebook.

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