Birth: A Better Chance than Winning the $700M Powerball Jackpot

Birth: A Better Chance than Winning the $700M Powerball Jackpot

by Nicole Buratti, HBCE, LCCE, RPYT, CLD, CCBE, CLE, HBFE, eRYT200

prenatal yoga and HypnoBirthing

I was having a conversation with two yogini moms after Prenatal Yoga on Wednesday morning about what birth really looks like.  Jen and Nikki were chatting when I chimed it. Nikki is a crunchy home-birthing, second-time mom, wellness and nutrition coach/ doula. Nikki has seen birth! She has seen natural med-free vaginal birth, VBAC, home birth, hospital medicated birth. She has seen it all! Jen is a crunchy first-time mom, uses homepathic remedies, practices yoga, and is the world-traveler I wish I could have been in my younger years. She has not seen more than birth in movies and on television.

Jen was expressing her fears to Nikki about being out of control, screaming all over the place, about fear surrounding birth, and with a stranger’s hand in her “down there region.” Nikki was trying to explain that this is not how it is. Jen was not hearing what Nikki had to say. She had been SO CONDITIONED by the media and movies like Look Who’s Talking. Me being me… had to chime in… I could not help myself by saying, “Jen, stop talking and listen to me for one second!”. I didn’t mean to be rude and hope I didn’t come across that way. I really wanted Jen to hear what Nikki and I were saying. Those who know me, know my passion for options in medicine, choices in birth preferences, being fearless about birthing, and evidence-based birth. I don’t fare well with fear tactics in labor and delivery. Evidence proves that having a doula present at your birth will lower your risk of unnecessary interventions, complications, and fear tactics.

Watch Some Videos on the HypnoBirthing® YouTube Channel

I told Jen to go home an watch some videos on the HypnoBirthing® YouTube Channel. See birth for what it is in real life. Birth is actually NOTHING like we see on TV and in movies. If birth were like it is portrayed in the media, our population would be a lot smaller than it is today. Schools would be less populated and we might even have a better chance at winning the $700+ million Powerball Jackpot (hehe good luck!).

Much later that same evening, when Jen and I were messaging on other news, she mentioned that she looked at some of the videos that I recommended and that she saw nothing like she imagined birth to look like nor what the media portrays, she gave the ultimate punch line…” I am now planning a HOME BIRTH!”

Win, WIN!! So… if you win or I win, we’re splitting the winnings. Right? Yeah right… Gamble on, my friend but be fearless in birth!

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