Six Ways Your Doula is like Your HairDresser

Six Ways Your Doula is like Your HairDresser

What could your Doula and your Hairdresser possibly have in common? More than you think!

A good Doula is worth her weight in gold if she offers all three:  Emotional Support, Informational Support, and Physical SupportIf you’re hairdresser is good as what she does, so does she… But it’s different. Don’t settle for just one “type of support.” Get the most support. You deserve it!

  1. You can tell your Hairdresser anything and your secret is safe. She has heard it all.  Your Doula is no different. I could write volumes on your stories that you share with me but wouldn’t even dream of it! We’ve laughed together at your stories that are outright hilarious.  Others, totally uninhibited and uncensored but usually not so unique. Some stories filled with family secrets, while some are sad but you felt safe enough with your doula to share them and to share a good cry over your story. No matter what your story, it’s been an honor and I’ve already tucked it away. Doulas and Hairdressers see our clients in the raw and never judge them or anyone. We see you for who you truly are and still accept you for who you are. Judge? Never… we help you heal and we support you in the way no one else can, emotionally. There’s something about that non-emotional connection that just works.
  2. Doulas and Hairdressers make you feel good about yourself. Your hairdresser uses her hands and her words to make you feel like the DIVA that you are. She has other tools that she pulls out here and there just when you need them, before you have to ask. Your doula’s best tools are her hands, her heart, and her words. She has a bag of tricks but knows exactly what you need before you have to ask. You feel that your Doula is authentic right down to your soul. She can’t be copied. You know when your hairdresser is being as fake as that bottle blonde on the beach and the same goes for your doula. Is your doula authentic? Or, is she copying the doula down the street? Does her website match who she is in-person? Is something not clicking? Trust your instinct. Your Doula knows and she can’t fake it! There’s a quote by Ina May Gaskin that says, “If a woman doesn’t look like a goddess in labor, then someone isn’t treating her right.” Your Doula treats you like a goddess. Be a Goddess!125ad43be0ab3b2ec05d9495ee2d35a2
  3. When your Doula or your Hairdresser is awesome at what she does… and is described as pure magic, you have to book early because she doesn’t over-book herself and she books up fast!  Your time with her is all about YOU! #BookEARLY
  4. Again, when your Doula or your Hairdresser is awesome at what she does… everyone in town and everyone with like minds knows her name. How did you pick your hairdresser? I hope not by a random Google search. When I met my hairdresser for the first time, she was a student in my prenatal yoga class and I always admired her perfectly coiffed blonde locks. I asked who did her hair and it’s been magic ever since! I think the best way to find a Doula is to ask those like-minded people in your inner circle and outer circle who they recommend as a Doula. Ask at the yoga studio, at Bend & Blossom, at the health food store, at the local vegan eatery or local vegan food truck#BookEARLY  No, you don’t have to be vegan to hire a doula but the local vegans are your inner circle on the know of who’s who on the local doulas. Plus, the food is AMAZING!
  5. At your birth, your Doula tries every position, every tool, and every thing possible to find what works for you, what relaxes you, and what gives you relief. Your hairdresser doesn’t let you leave her chair until you are satisfied, even if it means she has to use every tool in her toolbox. Does she? As a doula, I am by your side until your baby is in your arms and you and your baby are happy with the outcome. The relationship with your Hairdresser never dies and neither does your relationship with your Doula. Once your Doula, always your doula.
  6. Your Hairdresser, just like your Doula, doesn’t make decisions for you. She supports you in your decisions. Neither would ever say something like, “You want WHAT?” As unique, fabulous, or not-her-style, she will make what you want, happen.

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