Three Simple Ways to Know You’re Fertile Now

Three Simple Ways to Know You’re Fertile Now

To optimize your chances of getting pregnant, it’s important to understand your monthly cycle. If you’ve been trying to conceive, you’ve probably already been on the lookout for signs of ovulation. Keep in mind that when you do ovulate, you have a short window of time, your fertile window, to have intercourse and hopefully begin your journey of pregnancy.Trying to Conceive NJ

#1 Your cervical mucus changes consistency.
When you’re not ovulating, your cervical discharge may appear sticky, cloudy or even go undetected. But as you near ovulation, your body produces more estrogen, causing your cervical mucus to become stretchy and clear, like egg whites. Keep an eye on your discharge, and when you feel that change in consistency, it’s a good indicator you’re at peak fertility.

#2 Your Basal Body Temperature Increases.
This change is so subtle that you won’t feel the change, but a few days after you ovulate, your basal body temperature will rise. (Your basal body temperature, or BBT, is your lowest body temperature in a 24-hour period.) This tiny uptick is only 0.4 to 1.0 degree Fahrenheit. You can detect it by taking your BBT every morning with a digital basal thermometer.

#3 Feeling attractive, a surge in energy, and increase in libido.
Several studies have found that women experience an increase in sexual desire when they are most fertile, around the time of ovulation. Mother Nature’s pretty darn smart. Right around the time you’re ovulating, you might notice that your hair feels bouncier and that your complexion is a little brighter.

Not everyone has regular cycles, feels or notices the subtle changes that happen in the body during ovulation. There are other tricks that you can do to help improve your changes of baby making. Have you considered acupuncture, meditation, hypnosis, or massage therapy? Our new fertility doula service can help you navigate this special time in your life. We’ve been there and we get it!

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