6 Tips to Enjoy Your Summer Pregnancy

6 Tips to Enjoy Your Summer Pregnancy

Summer is one of my favorite times of the year to be outside. However, summer was not one of my favorite times during my pregnancies, and I bet won’t be yours either. Here are a few tips that got me through my two summer pregnancies.

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  1. Wear Comfortable Clothes, Sensible Shoes, and Tie Your Hair Up

    Loose breathable cotton clothes are an essential part of your summer wardrobe. Avoid clothes that are too tight. Instead of pants, opt for dresses and wear as few layers as possible while still being appropriate.

    Choose shoes that are supportive, breathable, and comfortable. Remember that the hormone relaxin is softening all the joints in the body during pregnancy, including the feet. Add heat, swelling, and
    uncomfortable shoes or flip flops, and you’re setting yourself up for disaster, and possibly an increase in your shoe size after baby.

    Nothing says summer like Hazy, Hot, and Humid HAIR! Pretty… pretty is summer hair pulled back in a cute
    knot, a sophisticated bun, or an old-fashion ponytail.

  2. Enjoy the AC

    Turn up the cool in your house. I you don’t have air conditioning in your house, head out to places that do. Who needs an excuse to go to the mall?

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  3. Eat Cold Treats

    Our friend Lauren Grogan at Center Your Health offers up some really simple and really yummy cold summer sweet treats. At our house, we love her Strawberry Ice Cream recipe. It is so rich and refreshing. I like to pick a piece of mint from my back yard and put it on top for a little decoration when we have company over or even just to satisfy my own craving.

  4. Cool Off in Water

Hey, we live at the shore! Let’s dip our toes in the water more often. Enough said. Just remember the sunblock.


5. Drink More Water

Staying well hydrated in the warm weather is very important for you, your baby, and the health of your pregnancy. Dehydration is the number one cause of preterm labor. I know, I know… water gets boring. Spice it up with some fruit, flower petals, or other yumminess.


6. Avoid Too Much Sun

During pregnancy, many women are more sensitive to the heat and sun than before being pregnant. The woman’s body temperature rises as a result of the pregnancy. Overheating during pregnancy is not recommended. Find a shady spot to hang out in, get a cute floppy hat. A summer pregnancy can be uncomfortable as it is, who needs sunburn to add to the discomfort?

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