Nicole Buratti: The Doula Wears Prada

Nicole Buratti: The Doula Wears Prada

Nicole Buratti, Fertility Lifestyle Coach, Childbirth Educator, Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Labor Doula.

How Did Doula Work Find You?
This is how it happened: It FOUND me! I was teaching prenatal yoga and wanted to be a better prenatal yoga teacher so I signed up for a doula training. One thing led to another, and another certification led to another, and now HERE I am. I hold more certifications than any other doula in the state and will keep on studying.

After the birth of my first child almost 12 years ago, I realized organically that there was a serious need for more support, education, and options during the childbearing year. My career is one I created with a foundation in yoga after 32+ years of practice and study. Gosh, time flies! In the true Vinyasa style, one thing led to another as I took one step at a time followed by devoted action in yoga and building the bridges of yoga and pregnancy. The medical community and families of NJ have welcomed me and my services with open arms from the top of the state, to the bottom, and side to side coast to coast of NJ. The journey to NOW has been a blast since day one and I couldn’t be happier.

Who Inspires You?
I am inspired by Madonna. She is a savvy business woman and on a mission to bring empowerment to women and the world. She wasn’t afraid to start something new and to take risks in the early 90’s as I was graduating high school and entering the career world. I always knew I wanted to work in the field of empowering and educating women, just like Madonna had created her own gig. Her confidence is contagious. She is fearless, as all women should be! In the early 90’s, my career had not yet been a fathom of the times but I started creating it in my mind. At that time I was working in fashion as a stylist to an A List of celebrities who sought feminine power through fashion and beauty. I learned what women needed from these celebrity women and brought it to the mainstream through the power of mind and body. The work I do is empowering.

Who is a Doula who has made a Difference in Your Life?
I have quite a few Doula friends and Doula inspirations. The one who comes to mind first and most often as one of my favorite peeps in the entire world is Lorie McCoy at the Orchid Nest in Florida. Lorie has inspired me to be the doula I am today. Lorie will kick my ass when I need it like a boss and will celebrate my wins with me over spicy asian food and wine.  My dream is to get to Bali or to Cuba for a retreat with Lorie on one of her doula retreats.

How Have You Built a Bridge with the Local Medical Community?
It hasn’t taken long for me to be recognized by the local OBs and Midwives as a team player. I am known to get babies out by putting women in better positions, to keep them moving, and by offering some secret doula (previously thought of as witchcraft, lol) mojo. I have been known to surprise some staff and doctors as I move toward being a baby whisperer with a few tricks in my bag and up my sleeves, which combines mind stuff with movement.

How Do Other Doulas Benefit from Your Services?
I offer a unique service of mentoring new doulas and I always refer out to a friend doula when I feel that the client needs more or different than I can offer. I have an amazing team of doulas whom I have trained and mentored and that practice the same way I do. I am always available to the client and the doula by phone for last minute strategy calls 24/7.

How Does Being a Doula Benefit YOU?
Being a Doula is the most rewarding career I have ever had. I have worked with women and empowering them through beauty and fashion for 15 years. But, nothing compares to the reward of supporting women through pregnancy and through birth and into caring for their baby. As cliche as it may sound, nothing compares to helping a woman build the confidence to birth and to nurture her babies.  I love this work and will forever be here and now with this work through the power of the mind and the strength of the female body.

What is your Most Embarrassing Doula Moment?
Embarrassing? It takes a lot to embarrass me. I have some moments of exhaustion that I wish I could do over. Let’s call it exhaustion, rather than embarrassing… here goes.

I had a woman in her bathtub at a home birth insisting that she had to poop. We were working on convincing her that she was not going to poop and that was the sensation of her baby’s head. She wanted to debate the urge to “shit” versus the urge to “push.” The client insisted on the birthing stool but with below zero temps and snow/ice on the ground, we didn’t think there would be enough time to get the birthing stool and warm it in time. I suggested getting the stool, warming with towels and I would bring the client from the tub to the private dark toilet for a change of scenery and for a similar relief as the birthing stool. I guess I had heard the word “shit” too many times in those 15 minutes of home birth in a snowstorm. Instead of asking the midwife if she thought I should bring the client to “sit” on the toilet while she set up, I asked, “Should I get her to shit on the toilet while you set up?” All faces went ghost-like. OMG… BAM! Hey I was pregnant too so it may have been pregnancy brain! Whatevs…. Poop Happens and you can hear about it HERE on Pregnant Pause Radio.

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